1Introduction of
Basic Information

The Competition project is located in Wuyang Town, Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province, 18 kilometers to downtown Ruijin. It is situated between Wuyang Village and Guoxing Village, in the midstream of Mianjiang River. Ruijin is the “Old Red Town” renowned domestically and worldwide, leaving a glorious chapter in China’s revolutionary history and holding an important status in the history.

Ruijin is the place of birth for China’s first red political power – the Soviet Republic of China’s Temporary Central Government, the center of the Central Revolutionary Base during the Second Civil Revolutionary War in China, and one of the starting points of the worldwide renowned expedition – Red Army’s Long March covering over 12,500 kilometers. The Competition’s location for planning design is Wuyang Village where the first bridge of the Red Army’s Long March is located and Guoxing Village which is one kilometer away. Wuyang Village was the practice place for red agricultural development and the famous demonstration village for the spring farming during the period of Soviet Area. All China’s old generation revolutionists, including Mao Zedong and Zhu De, lived and fought here. The collection of red stories is the red heritage of the village developed as scenic spots: the First Bridge of the Long March, Mao Zedong’s Old Residence, Spring Farming Flag Award Conference, the 9th Red Army Base, Red Station, Riverside Pavilion, etc. Across the river toward south to Guoxing Village is Majitang, a 67ha lotus pool that is the largest lotus pool in Ruijin. In summer, the blossoming lotus and the cluster of ancient buildings kept completely form a contrast, attracting numerous visitors to take pictures, appreciate views, sketch and travel. It offers a foundation for agricultural sightseeing. The long history, vivid culture, and rich resources for tourism as well as the well kept ecological landscape and the original countryside lifestyle, are the foundation of planning and design, showing the feasibility of tourism development.

Red tourism is to organize themed tourist activities and to guide the visitors to learn and commemorate the revolutionary history. The media is the memorial places and iconic things originated from the great achievement by the leadership of the Communist Party of China during the revolutionary wars. The inner parts are the revolutionary history, stories and the spirit. Moreover, another requirement of “keeping the original countryside lifestyle” and “protecting the ancient inheritance” is added to the famous red village. Under the background of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the red tourism becomes more and more popular. The major challenge of shaping a famous red village is to answer these questions – how to overlap red tourism with rural travel organically, how to express the spirit by innovative planning and design, and how to attract visitors of varied ages.

The theme of 2021 Ruijin L&A Design Star Competition is “Meandering Red”. The target is the integrated design for the tourism and culture of Wuyang Village and Guoxing Village in Ruijin. The principle is “Led by Red, Keeping Green, Inheriting Ancient Ambience”. The integrated planning for two villages shall be based on the integration of the local tourism resources and the exploration of the inner core of the spirit. By enhancing the landscape, retelling the historical stories and restoring the historical buildings, the result shall be a famous red village with vivid history and good ecological environment. The target visitors are of varied ages rather than the previous single group. Ruijin brand of red tourism stands out due to the differentiation, and is the sample for new red tourism.

The students of globally renowned design universities and colleges are invited to participate in this Competition. These universities and colleges include Harvard University, The University of Tokyo, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, The University of Hong Kong, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, etc. The experts of high prestige in the industry are invited to be the jury members. They will bring their international view to a profound discussion on how to express the permeation of spirit in reality. It will help shape a red tourism destination, with uniqueness of Ruijin, suitable for study, travel, and innovation.

4Competition Requirements

4.1Design Principles

.Inherit the red culture and highlight its inner driving force
.Integrate rural revitalization and promote local economic development
.Extend regional culture, respect rural cultural and environmental characteristics
.Be people-oriented. Meet the demands of tourists and local residents
.Make the overall coordination and plan of rural production, life, ecology and other factors
.Design with innovative ideas and break through traditional forms of spiritual expression

4.2Competition Content

4.2.1Site analysis

Participants need to multi-dimensionally review the current situation of the project site through analysis on policy, site data, field investigation, street interviews, competition and cooperation, as well as on-line big data research. The report content should include the description and analysis of the current situation, solution ideas and so on.

4.2.2Overall Plan

Participants are required to make overall plans for Wuyang Village and Guoxing Village under the guidance of investigation report, and accordingly put forward the development orientation, development idea, operation plan and strategic goal of the “two-village integration” to avoid homogenization.

Set up reasonable layout of spatial structure and functional zoning. Coordinate the spatial organization and proportional distribution of residence, industry, road transportation, public services, municipal facilities, ecological greening, etc. Put forward design ideas for architectural colors and styles. Make the land layout and development orientation in tune with the division of labor;

Coordinate the relationship between internal and external traffic in Wuyang Village, and rationally arrange the traffic flow;

Propose ideas for local educational activities, theatrical performances, interactive experiences, etc. on the basis of project orientation, spatial layout, and tourism resources. Plan 1-2 themed creative activities and operational suggestions to revitalize the venue.

For this part, participants shall provide drawings such as site plan and diagram, as well as text descriptions to express design/planning ideas.

4.2.3Landscape Design

Complete landscape designs for the four sites beyond the Building contour within the specified scope. It requires reasonable designs based on the red spirit expression, the daily use of villagers and the best experience of tourists. The design style must respect the regional characteristics. Among them, the waterfront and nearby wharf connected by "the First Bridge of the Long March" needs to be designed based on real historical stories, ingeniously restoring historical scenes.

For the abandoned buildings within the specified design range, participants can selectively design their facades and explain the functions.

For this part, participants shall provide technological achievements include but are not limited to plans (with color), aerial views, diagrams of main function distribution, scenic spot layout, and road traffic, renderings, elevations, portrait drawings, etc.

4.2.4Conceptual Design of Bridge

Design should be based on the prototype of "the First Bridge of the Long March".

For this part, participants shall provide technological achievements include but are not limited to plans of the bridge, elevations of the bridge, renderings, etc.

4.2.5Wayfinding Signage System

The design needs to be comprehensive and complete. It should match the surrounding environment and in line with the usage scenarios. The results include floor plans, renderings and instructions.

4.2.6Visual Identity (VI) System

Design the LOGOs for tourism product line of Wuyang Village/Guoxing Village/the First Bridge of the Long March. It requires participants fully interpreted the cultural connotation of scenic spot in a visually-appealing, harmonious, eye-catching and easily-distinguish way. The fonts used in design must be free for commercial use or obtain commercial authorization.

For this part, participants shall provide technological achievements include but are not limited to PNG images, AI files and design instructions.

4.2.7IP and Creative Derivatives

Create a local characteristic image, design exclusive IP and creative derivatives. The quantity and category are not limited.

For this part, participants shall provide technological achievements include but are not limited to plans, renderings and design instructions.

(Pay attention to the visual unity of LOGOs, wayfinding signs, and IP images.)


7.1The submission deadline:
12pm, Dec 9th 2021.

7.2Delivery address for paper files:

"2021 Ruijin - L&A Design Star" committee, Building 19, Maolong Cultural And Creative Industrial Park, No. 1, Sanjianfang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

The date on the postmark or expressage would be regarded as the actual date of submission.

7.3All digital copies should be sent to ladesign@vip.qq.com before12:00 pm Dec 9th 2021 on Thursday. It will include the PPT report, posters in JPG or PDF, design description in DOC and other drawing files in JPG/AI/CDR.


9.1Official registration time:
2021/09/09 10:00 am - 2021/12/09 12:00 pm

9.2The award “The Best Survey" application:
before 2021/11/04 12:00 pm

9.3Online registration and Submission:
before 2021/12/09 12:00 pm

9.4Judge panel review:
2021/12/10 - 2021/12/24

9.5Results announcement: 2021/12/25

2021/12/27 - 2021/12/31 (Venue:Shenzhen ecool space)
To be confirmed (Venue:Ruijin)

9.7Awards Ceremony and summit forum:
To be confirmed (Venue:Ruijin)


Hou Xinye L&A Design Branding Media Center
15680029352 / 028-86925897

E-mail: ladesign@vip.qq.com

Competition Group: Fill in the application form online, obtain the QR code of the enterprise wechat group, and scan the code to enter the group.


Dong Wei
Professor of College of Architecture of Southeast University, Director of Key Laboratory of Urban and Architectural Heritage Conservation Ministry of Education (Southeast University)

Lin Jing
Professor, doctoral supervisor of College of Landscape Architecture of Beijing Forestry University

Li Dihua
Associate professor, head (acting dean) of College of Architecture and Landscape of Peking University

Zhang Lin
Associate professor, doctoral supervisor of College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University

Sun Danli
Associate professor, supervisor of postgraduate of College of Public Art of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Liu Chunqing
Secretary of the Party Committee of College of Forestry/College of Landscape architecture of Jiangxi Agricultural University, and the Dean of Landscape Design and Research Institute, professor and doctoral supervisor

Zhou Jianguo
Vice director of Jiangxi Society of Landscape Architecture

Fu Yingbin
Leading designer of Fu Yingbin Studio

Li Di
UrbanxRural Co-Founder

Zhang Meijia
L&A Design Culture and Tourism Division Vice-General Manager, Secretary General,
L&A Design Culture and Tourism Comprehensive Design Institute President,
L&A Design Beijing Office Project Director,
Master of Landscape Design, Harbin Institute of Technology.

Zhao Zhen
L&A Design Municipal and Public Realm Division General Manager
L&A Design Qingdao Office General Manager
Master of Landscape Ecology, Peking University
Landscape Architecture Senior Engineer

Xi Xuesong
L&A Design Ecological Culture and Tourism Institute Vice-president
L&A Design Beijing Office Design Director
Professor of China Agricultural University

Clara Li
L&A Design Co-Founder, Principal, President
La V-onderland Children's Space Brand Founder

2Initiation Background

2.1L&A Design Star International College Students Design Competition has been held consecutively for several times, and has great influence internationally.

L&A Design Star International College Students Design Competition, initiated by L&A Design and colleges renowned domestically and worldwide, is a long-term plan that aims at cultivating design masters in China and throughout the world. As 7 competitions were held, L&A Design Star, by the method of integrated project, became the highest level competition in the industry, with the most integrated form and the deepest content. Moreover, L&A Design Star is the only one college students design competition in China that the participants are required to implement field investigation. It first adopted the method of new media and the interactive channel of live streaming. The shortlisted participants of Top 16 were convened on the spot, facing the international experts who gave comments directly. The Competition is based on the principle of respecting the local, and the result is of great meaning and good reference for the reality in the area and in the society. The Excellent Works City Road Show and Summit Forum is an opportunity like a topic to foster the boundless dialogue between city, design and the public. The result of the Competition is to a great extent a reference for the society. The commonweal tour of works exhibition and summit forum is a city event, encouraging a boundless dialogue between design and the public.

2.2L&A Design Star College Students Design Competition is one of the special activities in the 12th Shenzhen Creative December.

The 12th Shenzhen Creative December is an exhibition activity organized by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. Its aim is to attract citizens’ attention to creative culture by focusing on and exhibiting the creative activities in December. Through this method, it encourages and pushes varied level energies in the society to actively participate in developing creative industry in Shenzhen and constructing “City of Design”.

2.3Developing red tourism, protecting cultural heritage, carrying forward the ethnic spirit of China

The State Council released Opinions on Supporting the Revival of Old Revolutionary Areas in New Era G.F. (2021) No. 3 that is the important political principle for revitalizing old revolutionary areas in new era. It came up with a series of treatments and policies for supporting the transformation of old revolutionary areas and infusing vitality into the innovative development. Since 2012, the State Council has released successively several policies on revitalizing old revolutionary areas in the south of Jiangxi including Soviet Base, Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Base, Zuojiang and Youjiang Base, Dabie Mountains Base and Sichuan-Shaanxi Base, helping old revolutionary areas lifted out of poverty on time to actively make contributions to building a moderately prosperous society in China. Red tourism has been a new point of economic growth for old revolutionary areas, and repaid the economic growth of old revolutionary areas in China.

The Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China continues to add special investment to red tourism. Under the support of capital by policies, the red tourism industry develops rapidly in China. According to statistics, the investment for supporting red scenic spots construction from the Ministry of Finance reached RMB 6 billion in 2020. Till now, there are 12 “key red scenic spots”, 30 “boutique routes for red tourism” and 100 “classic scenic spots for red tourism” in the red tourism industry throughout the country.

2.4Paying homage to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

Ruijin has been named the founding unit for the national whole area tourism demonstration area since November 2016. According to the development thinking of “distribute whole city, cover all landscapes, link all sides, integrate all industries, all citizens’ participation and sharing”, the action plan of “Tourism+” and “Red+Green” is implemented vigorously, making great efforts to create a new development paradigm featuring “whole area construction and sharing” in tourism industry. The result of whole area tourism development is very obvious.

As the whole area tourism develops well, the red training industry is stimulated and grows into an advantageous industry in Ruijin. In December 2020, Chi Hong, Party Secretary and Head of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, stated and emphasized in the article “Pushing High Quality Expansion of Jiangxi’s Culture and Tourism by Pragmatic Endeavor” that in order to realizing the high quality expansion of Jiangxi’s culture and tourism, the tourism promotion shall be paid great attention. The activities of publicity and promotion, with theme like “the 100th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China, making Jiangxi’s tourism popular”, shall be planned based on important historical moments including the 100th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China and the 90th anniversary of the Soviet Republic of China in Ruijin. Paying homage to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China is to actively realize the strategic goal that Ruijin becomes a famous red tourism landmark and a tier 1 city in red tourism throughout the country.


3.1Collect global professional design ideas and select the best scheme for the project site. Gather the best domestic and overseas students majoring in creativity, design, and planning to work together for the environmental beautification and tourism product upgrade of Wuyang Village/Guoxing Village in Ruijin City, giving targeted strategic planning and implementation suggestions for cultural and creative industry, ecology and tourism planning;

3.2Adopt the "DBFO" mode (Design+Building+Finance+Operation), integrate innovative design and commercial operation, fully explore the regional cultural and commercial value, and transform red resource advantages into economic development advantages;

3.3Combine the resources from red education, cultural protection, cultural inheritance, tourism performing arts, art activation and other fields to explore the red tourism industry in the new era;

3.4Improve the tourism wayfinding signage systems such as traffic signs and road guides;

3.5Activate and utilize historical buildings in terms of idea protection, mode utilization, technological innovation, environmental integration, etc., attach new functions to historical buildings and give full play to their cultural attributes and social values;

3.6Creatively find problems in the targeted area and propose targeted solutions;

3.7Complete the conception of the overall spatial layout and analysis of various systems;

3.8Deepen the design of important space nodes, and use creative expressions to achieve distinctive results.


5.1Each participant will receive one competition badge, one enterprise magazine The Terrace by L&A Design, one Field Investigation Guide, and one meal coupon for famous dishes in Ruijin.

5.2With competition badges, the participants could visit “Cradle of the Republic” Series Scenic Areas for free, including Yeping Scenic Area, Ersuda (2nd National Soviet People's Delegates Conference of Chinese Soviet Republic) Scenic Area, Hongjing (Red Well) Scenic Area, and the north and south parts of Chinese Soviet Memorial Park. Other preferential services provided by “2021 Ruijin L&A Design Star” Service Center are also available for the participants.

Wuyang Village and Guoxing Village, locations of designated competition designing sites, are also free for participants to visit and do field investigation at any time after the competition launched.

For specific arrangements, please pay close attention to the notifications pushed by “2021 L&A Design Star” WeChat Official Chatting Group and L&A Design WeChat Official Account.

5.3At the designated restaurants, local specialties are free for participants with meal coupons valid until November 4th, 2021.

5.4Following is the specific address of “2021 Ruijin L&A Design Star” Service Center:
East Gate Visitor Center of Hongjing Scenic Area, southwest of the intersection of Qicai Avenue and Jindu Avenue, Shazhouba Town, Ruijin City, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province

5.5The participant teams who are interested in applying for the “Best Field Investigation Award” shall organize the field investigation information as a combination of text and pictures into an A4 Word file. The text could be written in free styles with no more than 4000 Chinese characters. The whole Word file shall include investigation pictures (as well as other related pictures), text of summary and analysis, diagrams of existing site analysis, etc.. In addition, the relevant video, music and video clip files will also be appreciated. Please send the materials mentioned above to the designated e-mail box before 24:00 on November 4th, 2021.

5.6As references for the participants who could not do the field investigation, excellent submitted materials for the “Best Field Investigation Award” will be published on “2021 L&A Design Star” WeChat Official Chatting Group and L&A Design WeChat Official Account.

6Competition Entries

6.1Electronic Files

To avoid color cast problems, all the JPG drawing files shall be set in RGB color model.

6.1.1Two A0 (1189mm*841mm) portrait drawings are required in 300dpi JPG or PDF format. All the captions of drawings need to be written both in Chinese and English. The drawing file shall be shortly named after the scheme title with the page number, for example: Meandering Red_01.jpg;

6.1.2Please save the drawings above as web-browsing version in 72dpi JPG format. 1500 pixels × 2000 pixels will be appreciated. One single drawing file shall not exceed 3M, and shall be named as, for example: Meandering Red_01 web version;

6.1.3Design files of VI system: They shall include one 300dpi JPG file, one AI or CDR file of the vectored original drawings. Please keep their original resolution for publicity activities by the organizer. One single drawing file shall be with its width no less than 500px, but with no limit of the height;

6.1.4Scheme Introduction: Submit a WORD file of scheme introduction text with 400 to 800 Chinese characters. The content is required to be written both in Chinese and English, including: the scheme title, preliminary investigation, general planning concept, landscape design description (conceptual design description on architecture shall also be included), conceptual design description of “The First Bridge of the Long March”, descriptions of wayfinding signage system design, creative cultural design and product packaging design, also other words that the participants want to express;

6.1.5WORD file of the competition registration form: Please fill in the introduction of the team members as required (the author's name, the full names of the school and the department / the work unit, the major, the scanned copy of each member’s student ID card, the instructor(s), etc.). Submit the registration form in WORD document format. The electronic versions of the registration form and final design files shall be submitted at the same time on the deadline of the competition, and any changes will not be allowed once submitted;

6.1.6The shortlisted top 8 entries are required to submit a PPT design report with no more than 40 pages and a WORD-format speech paper for the scheme in both Chinese and English. The core design contents are also required in both Chinese and English in the PPT file. The PPT file shall be named with the author's name, full names of the school and the department / the work unit, scheme title and page number. The submission time will be further notified, and all the files will not be allowed to be modified after submission.

6.2Paper Documents

6.2.1Two A0 portrait drawings are required to be printed in CMYK color model with lamination film. Preliminary field investigation and all other design contents shall be included in the drawings. Please pay attention to the layout of text and pictures, also of the whole drawing.

6.2.2The author's name, full names of the school and the department / the work unit, the major, the scheme title shall be written on a piece of opaque paper with another piece sealed. The paper shall be glued at the bottom right corner on the back of each drawing with the sealed cover written the team designation on. Any definite or implied information about the participants shall not be shown on the front of the drawings. Violators will be disqualified from the competition. All the text materials shall be written both in Chinese and English.


8.1Registration is open to global students actively enrolled in an undergrad program, and the master and doctoral students can also be eligible. The student ID card or relevant certificates for verification shall be submitted when registering. Teamwork is required (each participant team shall include at least 2 members and at most 5 members with 1 to 2 instructors). Inter-professional and inter-disciplinary cooperation is encouraged to be the most important evaluation indicator for the “Best Cross-boundary Team Award”.

8.2Works, work pieces, renderings or analysis graphics published or presented in any other competition or public occasion is not allowed, or you will be disqualified.

10Site Information

.Enter the official group of the competition (name: "2021瑞金奧雅設計之星") to learn how to obtain site information.

.Follow us on Wechat Platform,reply to the keyword "L&A Design Star", query the information of previous awards, to help you quickly find the direction of the competition.


12.1Award setting

First Prize one entry ¥50,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy
Second Prize two entries ¥20,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy
Third Prize three entries ¥8,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy

Excellency Award ten entries Certificate

Comprehensive Awards:
The Best Creative Award ¥2,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy
The Best Presentation Award ¥2,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy
The Best Survey Award ¥2,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy
The Most Network popularity Award ¥2,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy
The Best Crossover Group Award ¥2,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy
The Best Visual IP Award ¥2,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy

12.2Award winners’ benefits

.A generous cash prize;
.Design Star Trophy, and a prestigious certificate stamped by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Rujin Municipal People government;
.Insightful feedback from Highly renowned experts in various disciplines, including planning, creative industry and venture capital;
.Opportunity for investment of the award-winning works;
.Further publication on other platforms;
.The top three winners will be admitted to L&A design without an examination, and the finalists will be intern without an examination;
.Recommendation letters addressed to internationally renowned universities.

Note: The winning team of the comprehensive award will be selected from the winners of the First, Second and Third prizes and Excellency winners.


According to the relevant state laws and regulations, who submit works on one's own initiative as "participant" or "author", the organizers have the right to believe the following irrevocable works copyright statement:

14.1Original statement: The entries are the original works, not infringe any patent, copyright, trademark, or any others font and intellectual property rights; The work has never been published in the newspapers, magazines, websites and other media or apply for a patent or copyright registration work, and not attend any other game or used in commerce of any form as well. Award-winning designers ensure the entry would never be used in the other design or transfer to other party. Otherwise, the organizer will cancel the qualification of participation, recover the bonuses and awards, what’s more, we reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility.

14.2Entries intellectual property ownership: entries of competition in the first, second and third prize and special-award are belonging to the contest organizers except the right of authorship. The exercise of his copyright including but not limited to the following way: redesign, making production, sale, display, print and publicity rights. Any other units and individuals (including the author ) shall not use in any form without authorization such as coping, reproduction, broadcast or excerpts, publication, distribution, etc.

14.3Please read the above terms carefully before submitting and fully understand and agree that the competition jury has the right of final decision towards all the winning entries.

14.4The winners need to pay income tax according to the provisions of the state.


Shenzhen Municipal Publicity Department / Shenzhen Bureau of Culture and Tourism / Ruijin Government / Jiangxi Province Gardening Association / Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Office / Shenzhen L&A Design Holding Limited

Host Organizers:

Publicity Department of the CPC Ruijin Municipal Committee / Ruijin Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism / The People’s Government of Wuyang Town, Ruijin City / Ruijin City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau / L&A Non-profit Foundation

Support Organizations:

Shenzhen Nanshan District Cultural Industry Development Office / Smart City Society of Shenzhen / Urban Planning Society of Shenzhen / Shenzhen Exploration & Design Association / Shenzhen Cultural & Creative Industries Association / China Merchants Property Development / Nan Hai E-cool / Shenzhen Association of Trade in Services / College of Forestry/College of Landscape architecture and Art of Jiangxi Agricultural University


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